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File name: Pokemon – Fire Red Version (U) (V1.1).zip
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Console: Gameboy Advance
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Pokémon Fire Red

The Pokemon Fire Red Rom game is unique because it is one of the first Pokemon games that has been remastered from the original. It is set in the region of the Pokemon world. As you probably already know, the Pokemon world is massive. You will find that all the versions are interconnected within this world. Of course, you are limited to how much space your game has, so you aren’t going to be able to do a lot of exploring.

IN the Pokemon Fire Red Rom version, you are in the region of Kento. As you walk around, you will see that each place seems off limits. That is because you have to unlock each section when you do the corresponding task. To start off with, you will walk off into an area. Professor Oak is going to step in. You don’t want to go in this area because there are many wild Pokemon and it isn’t safe without a guide.

Professor Oak is going to take you to his lab. You will be introduced to the Pokedex. This Pokedex is how you will keep track of your Pokemon. In Pokemon Fire Red Rom, you are giving some starter Pokemon. You will have to build these guys up so that you can will battles and fight foes.

Once you have your starter Pokemon, you will go back to where you were. You get to go find your wild Pokemon.

The best part of the Pokemon Fire Red Rom is that it is completely compatible with the Pokemon Ruby version. This game is a remastered version to Ruby. Ruby being the older version. You do have access to different Pokemon, which is where the fun begins. You can trade Pokemon between the two games. You can fill your Pokedex and literally catch them all.

Pokemon, any and all versions, is a unique game. It is full of beautiful scenery. The characters are charming a loveable. They are adorable with individual personalities. The rivals that you come across are the type that you love to hate. You learn their traits and their fighting techniques. It isn’t just a game. The rivals, the characters, and even the Pokemon become a part of your life. You begin to learn their strengths, their weakness, and you get attached to them. There is little doubt to why they are so popular.

So now, you just need to download the game. You will soon be immersed in an entire world that comes to life as you play. You will soon learn that it is a world that you will get lost in. It is a world of intrigue. It is a world of mystery. It is a real world full of real characters, real enemies, and real friends. The only thing that it is waiting on is for you to come and join it. Create your character and be whoever you want to be, it won’t take you long to find out why everyone has to Catchem all!

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